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Our sushi offer ranges from the more traditional one to the contaminated “fusion”, which is the result of the chef’s experiences, routes and paths.

 By selecting the freshest seasonal prime matter and applying innovative techniques we create sushi of the highest quality.


A journey that tells the story of the region, of oriental influences, of the classics, of modernity.


Italian Cuisine

Our Italian menu, both tasty and elegant, is inspired by the local delicacies and the Mediterranean classics.

Wines & Spirits

Our list can count more than 300 wines from Italian and international labels, craft beers and unusual cocktails.

Chef Marco Gargaglia

Chef Marco Gargaglia

Marco Gargaglia was born in Perugia in 1983 and attended the local hotel vocational school. After his first endeavours in local restaurants, he met two important chefs that made his quality go one step further.


His maturity arrived with the Masilla family, who trusted his multifaceted vision and style for their new restaurant Il Vizio in Perugia. Here his passion for the Japanese world finally takes the shape of creative dishes that embody the essence of sushi. Research, technique, experimenting and quality ingredients become the foundations of Marco’s kitchen.


The elegance and harmony of his dishes are unique.